About us

Avioni Home is a small homegrown company focused on sharing with you our passion for colors, textures and soft furnishings to turn any space into a amazing sanctuary. We started our adventure in 2014, when we decided to capture the beauty of India seen through the eyes of its master artisan weavers.

Headquartered in Panipat, India, a city widely known as the “City of Weavers”, we carefully handpick our products from small and medium manufacturers located throughout India and strive to source ethically and fair trade compliant products. Many of our items are individually woven on handlooms by weavers whose skills have been passed down through many generations.

We carefully manage the design, style, quality control and supply chain processes to ensure you receive unique, ethically made products for an exceptional customer experience.

Over the past 7 years, Avioni Home has helped over 55,000 customers reinvent their homes. As we look to grow beyond our borders, we were fortunate to recently cross paths with Dubai to provide our customers decorate their spaces with beautiful and colorful styles.

Our team promises to bring you beautifully designed products with great quality and exceptional value.